HSH 000: Introduction | Show Layout | Who is Zach

Today I share with my listeners what they can expect from the podcast, what they can expect from him me what will be happening over the next few weeks. Listen in for some fast, fun facts about the host, as well as some cool bonuses I have to give out!

I teach online businesses how they can get seen, be heard and become profitable leveraging Periscope and Facebook. 

In February 2015, I started the company and has already done about $120,000 in sales of his courses, before my one-year anniversary. 

I have two dogs, Ted and Charlie,  and they will most likely be making a cameo on at least one of the upcoming podcasts. 

This podcast is a place for me to feature experts in sales, coaching, 6-figure launches and more. They’ll be providing tips and tricks, diving deep into what it takes to run a successful online business.

I LOVE connecting with my audiences - and I'm sharing a few quick facts about myself to "deepen" our connection if you will: 

  1. I have a “Nike addiction”, with about 25 pairs of shoes.
  2. My dogs are my children, and they are spoiled rotten (they even have health care and a bank account)! 
  3. I love tattoos and I've been to the shop over a dozen times to have work done (with plans to get some new ink in 2016).
  4. I used to teach group exercise, which has helped me to develop my personality on camera.
  5. I'm a total  “Netflix binger”, once watching 7-plus seasons of a show in a span of only four days.


Zach has an amazing opportunity for listeners of the podcast! If you leave a review on iTunes (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”), you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of Zach’s programs on Periscope, or Facebook, for free! Three people that leave the review before February 15th will be winner. Enjoy the show! 


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