Behind The Scenes of a Multi-Five-Figure Launch


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Today, I wanted to talk to you a little about the launch that I just completed for Rock Your FB Ads that closed over $22,000 in sales.

A $22,000 launch seems really glamorous. But, I want to talk to you today about some of the behind the scenes work that really goes into a launch of this caliber. The things you might not hear, see, or talk about... I want to give you the dirty deets.

The Dirty Deets

The first thing you should know is this launch "officially started" back in August, on August 10th. About two months ago, I posted the first blog on my site about Facebook ads (Four Facebook Ads to Run to Double Your Profits).

Since then, I've strategically been doing Periscopes, Facebook Ads, opt-in offers and even blog posts specifically designed around Facebook ads.

Most people think that launching can just happen at the drop of a hat. It can't.

It took months of careful planning and strategically writing a content to draw people into the topic that I would be discussing during my launch.

That's the boring stuff. I felt like we should talk about it.

How Long Does It Take To Launch?

Most people want to know how long it takes to launch. My official answer is four to six weeks. I've been in the planning phase for this launch just over seven weeks.

Next time, I could definitely do it faster.

But...before we jump into statistics, strategies and more things from the launch, I want to make a quick note on your program. If you want people to invest in your program, be willing to invest in your program.

A Serious Note About Investing In Your OWN Program

What does that mean?

Most people think that they can get away with spending $50 to $100 on developing an online course and then turn around and sell it for $5,000. It doesn't quite work like that.

What you have to understand is that the more you put into your course including the marketing, development and actual structure of the course, the more value it contains.

For the course that I launched, by the time it was all said and done, our expenses had been over $3,000 just for launch. You have to understand that a course costs money.

Tweet: You do not make money for free. You do have to be ready to spend if you want to get results.

Okay. Now, the boring stuff is really over. Let's jump into the exciting stuff.

How Many Emails Did You Send?

A lot… 

Launch Emails

During my launch, I sent out eight core emails in total, but I sent out a bunch of emails to all the webinars participants with reminders, replays, and follow ups!

 People often ask me how many emails I sent, how I sent them and why they were so important. 

The way that emails broke down was actually pretty basic. Every two to three days, I sent out an email to the bulk of my list reminding them that the course was out. The first email being, "Hey, the course is ready.” The last email being, "Hey, don't forget you have three hours left.” 

The emails that you write are very time/mental capacity intensive. I can spend anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours writing an email that I sent during launch.

If you're trying to figure out how to write emails, one thing that I would suggest is setting someone else's launch (even mine). 

 You really need to understand that there are so many different types of emails that you can launch, ways to write and things that can be said in your emails that you have to find what works best for you and your brand. 

 I know that you were probably hoping that I would give you step by step, subject lines, titles and copy. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that. 

 You need to remain authentic to yourself and create emails that are structured around the way you operate your business..

Planning & More Dirty Deets

I would definitely encourage you to plan out when you're going to send your emails. 

I personally structured out when each email would go before I ever started working on my launch. I knew that the first email would go out Monday. This second email on Tuesday. The third email on Wednesday, so on and so on. Having a plan in place will make your launch so much easier. (See: Less Stressful) 

Speaking of plans, I didn't really have a well laid out plan this time. I would highly encourage you plan out your launch a little more in depth than I did. 

As far as my launch was concerned, I mapped out about two weeks on a calendar, determined what I wanted to do each day of that launch and from there, I did the work.

  I did a lot of stuff on the fly. I hired people as I went. I made images as I went. I was constantly setting up and tearing down Facebook ads.

It was very stressful. It works, but I wouldn't recommend it (do as I say, not as I do).

Quick Stats

I want to give you some quick statistics from the launch just to give you some sense of what the end result was: 

  • During the launch, we added 73 students in the program.    
  • We did about $22,800 in sales. 
  • We added over 800 people to our list 
  • We spent about $1,750 on Facebook advertising. 
  • We spent over $500 in processing fees (yuck!) 
  • The total cost of the course development was over $1,000 including tools and services that we used

Run Some Dang Facebook Ads

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.26.54 PM

Because Facebook ads is such a focal point of what I teach, it would be irresponsible of me not to touch on how important they were.

During the launch, we spent about $2.15 generating leads directly through Facebook ads, mostly for our webinars.Facebook ads allowed us to reach tens of thousands of people during our launch in addition to the people that were already on my list.

If you're not leveraging Facebook ads during a launch you're definitely going to be hurt on the bottom line. For more information on Facebook ads, you can check out the program that I just launched, Rock Your FB Ads.

Two (Or Three) Heads Are Better Than One


A final note that I'd like to touch on was outsourcing. During the launch, I did spend some time outsourcing content to a designer.

Most of the stuff I did myself. However, I did work with a designer to develop some awesome logos that I used on my sales page as well as a thirty day guarantee seal that went on the sales page as well.Fancy Icons, Right?

Outsourcing during your launch is vital. Next time, I'll be doing it even more. You're going to be spending most days working twelve to sixteen hours and you don't have time for everything.

Having someone on your team that can carry you past your weaknesses and use their strengths is very important to the process.

My Launch Timeline

Below you're going to find a timeline of the $22,000 launch that I've talked about above. I thought it may be helpful to breakdown what happened day to day in a bird's eye view and show you how the launch was executed.

If you're trying to do your own launch, you can emulate (not copy) what I've done.If you do decide to copy what I've done verbatim, I'll tell you this. You won't get results.

Everyone's launch needs to be unique and different. If you launch the same way that I did, people will notice. If you launch the way you're meant to launch, in a way that lines up authentically with your brand and your values, you'll ultimately end up with a more successful launch.

Take the timeline below. Stretch it to fit your needs. Now get out there and launch. 

Launch Infographic 1
Launch Infographic 2
Launch Infographic 3
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