The 10-Point Periscope Sales Checklist for Conversions

The 10 PointPeriscpe SalesChecklist Let’s be real - making money is fun.  Let’s have some fun and make some money!

You’ve probably noticed my slight addiction to Periscope.  I’m on there all the time - follow me @HeartSoulHustle - but there is a reason for that. Periscoping (yeah it’s a verb now, sorry I’m not sorry) has quickly become one of the highest revenue generators in my business.

The reason?

I’m great at analyzing trends and systems.  It’s a gift that I have - and now I’m giving that gift to you.

Today we’re going to talk about my 10-Point Periscope Sales Checklist.  If you follow this 10 point checklist during your broadcast - you’re going to get more sales.

Oh and I almost forgot - this can also be used to generate massive leads in your business too.  I’m adding hundreds of people to my list with Periscope (soon to be thousands) - and it’s so stinkin’ easy!

Let’s jump into the checklist - it’s a sequential list.  Follow it from beginning to end, then get paid. BOOM!

1. Engage Your Audience

Welcome people to the room and let them know you’re here to have a good time.  Periscope is NOT a stage, it’s a cocktail party.  Start mingling with your audience.  For bonus points - mention people by name as they join the scope, everyone loves hear their own name.

Tweet It: "Periscope is NOT a stage, it’s a cocktail party.  Start mingling with your audience."  -@HeartSoulHustle


2. Establish Your Credibility

First we need to tell people who you are and what you do.  I like to open with a "power statement" that tells my viewers who I am, how I can help, and what qualifies me to give advice.  

“My name is Zach Spuckler and I help small online business owners optimize their social media experience specifically with Facebook Ads and Periscope Marketing.  In my first 30 Days on Periscope I generated over $10,000 in sales, now I want to teach you to do the same!"

In two sentences I was able to identify what I do, how I help, and what gives me credibility to do so.  Easy Peasy!


3. Give Value First

Most People All People want to be wooed a bit before you ask them to whip out their credit cards.  I know, I know, how unfair is that.  They want you to give them the show BEFORE they pay for dinner! I only joke, of course ;)

It’s totally cool though!  The more value you give during your scope, the higher your conversion rates will go, and the more loyal your audience becomes.

Share something SUPER actionable and high value.  Give away lots of good in, and they will BEG to know how they can work with you.


4. Ask Your Lead In Question


This is something you’ve seen me doing on my ‘Scopes plenty of times - because it works.  You want to let your audience TELL you that they have a problem before you give them the solution.  The easiest way to do it is to ask a leading question.

For example: “Do you guys struggle with coming up with topics to talk about on Periscope, is that something you need help with?”

5. Give them a Strong CTA

Once I have a resounding YES from my audience - I share a link to an opt-in where then can Download a Periscope Workbook as a PDF!  Or if you have a product you sell, this is where you would plug it. But there is a catch.

Don’t ASK them to grab it.  Tell them.  

People like to be told what to do.  No one wants to make decisions, people simply what to be told how to achieve their desired results.  

Tell them. That is how to crush list building and sales.

Are YOU Not Sure WHAT To Scope About? Get My Free Workbook Periscope Workbook


6. Make it Easy to Snag Your Offer

Before you think we're done, you need to slow your roll - there is a bit more work to do.

Like I just said - people want you to tell them what to do.  It also has to be ridiculously easy.  Appease them.

Whatever you want people to do, make it a TWO STEP PROCESS.  Go to, click here - done!

Any extra steps, it’s hard to close.

7. Answer Questions

Now - you probably got a few people to hop on your list and maybe you've sold a product or two, let’s kick it up a notch and close a few more people while we’re here!

Open up the floor for some good ‘ole fashion Q&A.  Everyone already wants to ask you questions - now you let them!

When you can - tie your answers back to your product or offer.  For Example:

Question: How do I sell more on Periscope.  Answer: What a GREAT Question.  Make sure you have a STRONG Call to Action for sure, there’s a few other things you can do as well, so make sure you grab your free report over at

8. Reset

By this point there are a TON of new people in the room.  Maybe they only caught your pitch, part of your value, or nothing at all.  It’s time to reset the scope.  Re-introduce yourself with your power statement.

This is really just to help you establish credibility with the new viewers and potentially gain a few new leads and sales.

9. Recap

Review everything you’ve talked about!

There’s a reason Sports Network Post-Game shows have ridiculously high rates on television.  Everyone loves a recap.

Own it.  Do It. Make ‘Mo Money!

10. Final CTA & Close

Don’t just do the "fadeaway", this isn’t a crappy high school relationship, okay?

Thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to watch you.  Remind them where they can get your stuff with one last Call to Action, then end it.

You just did the dang thing!

Periscope Sales Checklist Infograhpic


Some Things to Remember:

  • Selling is an art and a science.  The more you practice the better you will get
  • Don’t sell like crazy on EVERY ‘Scope - that’s spammy, and I wouldn’t like you very much
  • With this Periscope Sales Checklist, you’re wrapping up your selling inside of high value content.  It’s not hard selling because whether they buy your product or not they win.  (Yeah, enjoy that warm and fuzzy revelation on me).

It’s that easy - I swear.  The exact tactics I’ve used to land high ticket clients, sell thousand of dollars worth of my course, and add tons of people to my list daily.  Now get out there and do it!

Keep Huslin’ Zach

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