HSH 091: Crushing a Six-Figure Challenge with Caitlin Bacher

On this episode, I’m interviewing a student of my signature program, The 5-Figure Challenge. You’ll be hearing how Caitlin Bacher was able to craft a 5-day challenge that did over 6-figures in sales of her digital course – you don’t want to miss this one! 

Caitlin helps people start and grow profitable Facebook groups with her program, The Fab Facebook Group System. She does this by walking them through all the steps of creating and growing their very own profitable, and engaged, Facebook group. She recently launched it about a year ago with a 5-day challenge.  

Before signing up for my program, Caitlin wasn’t really clear on what she wanted her own challenge to look like. She wanted to make sure that she was really giving lots of value, but also really driving desire for the paid product that she would be selling at the end of her challenge.  

Her original idea was to have the challenge be around selling branded graphics, but she decided to change the topic to engagement. Caitlin believes that issues with Facebook groups usually come down to a growth or attraction problem, or one with profitability, but the issue she was hearing about most was engagement.  

Caitlin’s challenge is a combination of live video inside of her group, prompts and emails. She scheduled everything in advance, which gave her the emotional energy to show up in her group for the participants that signed up.  

As a result of her challenge, Caitlin had about 2,000 people opt-in and 1,600 signed up for the Facebook group. At the end of the challenge, it resulted her first 6-figure launch with $165,000 in revenue!  

What she liked about the challenge is how interactive it was, which provided a strong runway leading up the her launch due to the excitement that it had created.  

Caitlin admits that hosting her challenge would have been too confusing in her main Facebook group, so she went with a pop-up group, which I recommend strongly in my program.  

By doing a challenge you are able to get great results with a relatively small group of participants. Not only does a challenge build community, it exposes that gap of knowledge that exists and gives you a way to address it.  

With the challenge format, you’re not looking to convince people to buy, because you’ve already brought them to the point where they’re ready to buy once the 5 days are complete. 

To Caitlin, the word “hustle” means doing what’s necessary at the beginning.  

The number one thing she thinks can help someone right now is to opt-in to our free training coming up on April 2nd. Don’t try to do it alone!  





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