HSH 003: The Art of Failing to Success with Rachel Luna

Rachel Luna is the founder of The Confident Entrepreneur Academy. Her main mission in life is to help your confidence match your ambition. She believes that when you raise your confidence, you get more clarity, you make more money, and you make a bigger impact.

Rachel shares with listeners an obstacle she recently faced ,when she became concerned that the open rates of her emails to her list were declining. At first, she believed it was a “summer slump”.  She use to achieve a 25-28% open rate and switched to Infusionsoft, at which point her rate went to 22%, then eventually 12%. 

Rachel began reworking her subject lines, but didn’t notice an increase in open rates.  She also began experimenting with send times, but with no improvement. 

She began asking people she trusted about other kinds of software that were similar to Infusionsoft, and began moving away from that system for a 2-3 month trial period. 

“Before you make any kind of decision and start doing drastic things, survey people”

Rachel is evaluating her new email system, but not quitting Infusionsoft during the 2-3 month trial period. By doing this, she will eliminate the $2,000 set up fee they would charge if she switches back.

She says that entrepreneurs can’t rely on one marketing method, like email lists, exclusively. She uses Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as well. 

“I’m meeting people where they’re at” 

Rachel was one of the top affiliates for Todd Herman’s hugely successful program, and a few months earlier also launched her own program, which generated over $52,000 in sales. 

At the time of her affiliate work with Todd Herman, her list was about 4,000, and the total commissions generated from that launch were $53,000. In addition to the success of her own program, she made over 6-figures in just the last half of 2015. 

In the past, for Marie Forleo’s B-School, Rachel made over $10,000 in affiliate commissions with a list of only 1,300. 

“With a small list of 1,000, you can have a 5-figure launch super-easy”

As another obstacle, Rachel had her website hacked just days the Todd Herman launch. This took away her blog, and other tools she was planning to use to make it a success. 

“I really believe when things like that happen, you cannot crumble and start crying”


She still took action through the adversity, and turned to LeadPages for a temporary redirect. She announced the hack and gave visitors to her a site a free gift, as well as using the LeadPages template to build a blog. It actually ended up working better this way, with their real time analytics. 

“I just looked for the ways to fix it” 

Rachel advises people facing serious obstacles to take 12-24 hours to go through their emotions, and to step away from things to do something they enjoy. 

Once this time is over, she says to “get right back at it.” Rachel is also very careful and specific in terms of how she speaks to herself, and what she says and thinks about herself. When talking to yourself, she notes:

“You’re going to feel like a crazy person, but crazy people are the one that actually do extraordinary things. Average, ordinary people do average, ordinary things.” 

When a thought comes in, you need to validate or disprove that statement. This will shut down that feeling of inadequacy and build up a confident mindset. Rachel has a list of core questions people can ask themselves available at Zach’s website (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”).  A few things that people can ask are: 


  1. What is the thought that I keep hearing in my head over and over again? 
  2. Is this a true statement? Why? 


Rachel says that if you can identify the story in your head, and disprove it, you’ll be “golden.” 

In terms of the word “hustle”, this has evolved for Rachel over the years. She use to go to bed late, get up early, and go all day long. Now, years later, “hustle” means being the most efficient person she can be. By doing this, she can produce something of quality in limited hours, so she isn’t missing time with family by always working





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