Working with Zach was the best decision I have made for my business.

When I started working with Zach, I basically only had an idea for an online course, but after working with him for only 3 months, I grew my list size from 23 sign ups to over 3,000 leads, I built out a full online course, I launched that online course, and made over $17,000 from my very first launch!

Zach helped me with every step along the way from growing my list, building out my online course, setting up a launch plan, executing a very profitable webinar with over 950 sign ups and completing a $17k launch. Working with Zach was the best decision I have made for my business.

Zach’s program is dope! In a couple of weeks I grew my ‘Scope community from 444 to over 1,000 people, I used periscope to make $4400 in sales, and I now have a SUPER engaged Facebook community! SO engaged. They are amazing!!

I learned more in 1 week with Zach’s training than I have in a whole year of teaching myself. Zach’s passion and expertise are a godsend. He’s thought of everything. I’ve tripled the size of my email list and am on track to reach my first 10K month. If you’re looking for the type of training that brings you crystal clarity and generates massive income for your business, Zach is your man.

“Thanks to Zach’s amazing trainings I have in 2 WEEKS of using Periscope gained 600+ Followers, made $2,000+, landed a High End Client (6K package) and I have A LOT more fun everyday.”

In a little over a month, I’ve almost quadrupled my Periscope following and have generated $14,000 in coaching sales. Um, YEAH. For sure. I’ve had fantastic results with Zach. Simply by having a format through which I engage my audience, and invite them take an action on my website, I’ve had the results I’ve had.
Kelly Joseph, Healthy Revenge

Zach is truly a FB ads NINJA especially when it comes to getting leads with FB ads. I really appreciate his honesty and the fact that he provides great content. Since downloading his guide and also attending his past trainings I got 500 sign ups for my last webinar and people are still opting in! Thanks Zach you rock!

Zach’s program, has without a doubt been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business in the last 5 years. Now at six months on Periscope I’ve organically grown my following to over 2900 people and added over 1300 people to my email list. Thanks to the community that grew around my scopes I was able to come with an idea for a new group training program which I launched in December that brought me my $20k+ launch, including $3K made from people signing up live while I was on Periscope talking about my program. If you want to use Periscope to grow your business I can’t recommend Zach enough!

I’ve added over 500 followers to my periscope channel, doubled the size of my email list & have had my first $1000 week - which is huge for me! Also my charity work with refugees has been able to take more of a ‘center stage’ focus as well!

Zach is a powerful teacher and coach! As a colleague, I’ve been able to witness the transformation and shift in his students. He takes his clients on a powerful journey and the end result; they end up rocking it! He is my go to referral for any client who needs support and training for all things social media. His name says it all! He’s got heart.soul.hustle - and anyone who works with him walks away with the same.