The money back guarantee

If you're still not 100% sure...

If other trainings have left you feeling burned...

I'm giving you a full 30 days to join the course, implement the content and start running Facebook Ads that convert.  Do the work, get the results, and it's all possible within 30 days.

But, you DO have to put the effort in.

Rock Your FB Ads is for business owners that are not all talk, but are actually committed to getting there Facebook Ads Campaigns off the ground and running.  If you're just looking to collect more information and not implement - this might not be right for you.

Now, in order to get a refund you MUST do the work and implement the strategies.  If you don't get the results you want just shoot over an email and I'll make sure that you get taken care of.

There is so much amazing content waiting for you just inside the course, and I want you to get results, so I'm not afraid to keep accountable, give you work, and watch you soar!

More on the 30-Day Guarantee right here.

You’ve got Questions, I’ve got Answers

Q: Will this program work if I'm BRAND NEW to Facebook Ads?

To be honest, I do teach some advanced stuff, but I break it down. I will walk you through the power editor, and share lots of step-by-step tutorials, but if you have NO IDEA what an ad is and don't have an email list - this might not be the right course for you.


Q. What if I don't have anywhere to drive people with my Ads?

Inside the course I'll teach you how to create a LeadPage in as little as 30 minutes - that will be where you can start sending people.  But you DO need somewhere to send people.

Q: How much will I need to spend on ads to make this program work?

I would recommend a budget of at least $200-$300 per month to run tests, run ads, and remain profitable. 


Q. Do I need to have something ready to sell?

Nope - it's not a requirement. You just need to be ready to grow your list and be thinking about how to monetize down the road with a product sale or launch (we will touch on that in Module 5).  That being said, you can't profit if you don't have something you're planning to offer in the near future.

Q: How do I access the training?

The entire course is delivered through an online membership site.

Q: Is there a guarantee?  

There is a 30-Day money back guarantee that states if you use the course, do the work, and don't get results - then you can request a refund. For more information on the policy click here.

Q: I’ve got questions, how can I contact you

If there is still a question I didn’t answer you can contact me at

“"I applied some of Zach’s teaching and it worked like crazy for me! I created my latest ads following his results and I’ve cut my lead cost by over 50% - I now have not one but TWO ads that are converting under $1.00 per lead!"

-Jessi F