Did somebody say...bonuses!?

Because really, can you even have an online course without bonuses...


Bonus 1: The LeadPages Crash Course

LeadPages is THE program to create amazing landing pages for webinars, opt-ins and more!  In this bonus I'll teach you how to create beautiful landing pages in minutes, not hours!




Bonus 2: Facebook Ad Troubleshooting Guide

What the heck are you supposed to do if your ads don't work?  You don't wanna just scrap em and throw away that hard earned money, and now you don't have too!  This workbook will walk you through diagnosing exactly why your ads don't work and pointing you towards how to fix it!



Bonus 3: Creating Epic Ad Images (fast)

How do I whip up EPIC Facebook Ad images in as little at 15 minutes? Well I'm gonna show ya!  This video training will have us design a Facebook ad image together in real time - and teach you how to do the same!




Bonus 4: Rock Your Opt-in Offer

So you wanna run Facebook ads but you're not sure if your freebie is "good enough"?  In this video training I'll walk you through create the perfect opt-in offer that attracts leads like magnents



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