The $6,000 Periscope Based Launch Breakdown


Today’s post has been a long time coming - I want to break down a $6,000 Launch I did with just 4 emails and my Periscope audience - it was epic (and duplicatable too)

You see back in 2015 I launched my flagship course Rock Your ‘Scopes (Now Rock Your Live Streams) to a very small list and a very small following on Periscope.



Up to this point, I had been working on creating a system and hand discovered how I could use periscope to build my following and add 1k weekly income to my bottom line, plus land a $2,000 consulting client.  Again all from Periscope and all during my first 30 days without a real social following prior to.

So people started asking me how to actually profit from Periscope - and Rock Your 'Scopes was born.

When I released my Periscope training I wanted to actually prove that Periscope could make you a lot of money - if you let it.  So I decided that Periscope would be a core piece of my launch and today I'll break down that launch for you!

The Overall Stats Breakdown

The launch lasted for only a week and we:

-Sent Out 4 Emails To Our List

-Did 1-3 broadcast each day on Periscope

-Close $6350 in Sales during the launch

So let’s jump right in to how you can Periscope to create sales of your course and create these kinds of results!

The Pre-Sale

So I knew this course was going to be awesome, so I decided to pre-sell the course.  Basically I sold it before it was ready (in fact hadn’t even recorded a video when I made my first sales)!

But I knew I didn’t want to pre-sell to my email list and burn them out.  So all of my pre-sales happened over the course of 24 hours, and all via Periscope.

On a nice Sunday afternoon I decided to hit up my favorite second office, Starbucks.  At Starbucks I opened up Periscope, hit broadcast, shared my idea for a prelaunch, and 39 minutes later I’d made over $1,000.  

I did it all without a sales page or website ready... You ready that correctly, no sales page, just a link right to a PayPal checkout… Believe in the power of Periscope yet?

I created urgency by requiring them to join while I was live or right after to save off the final price and launch of the program,

Sunday night I kept getting notes from people saying they missed the chance because I hadn’t told anyone I would be pre-selling.  So at the request of enough audience members, I announced I would offer a second pre-sale on Monday.

Monday afternoon - I did another broadcast which brought in another $1,000 in sales.

So in 2 days, I made $2,000 for a course that didn’t even exist.

One key detail about the “pre-sale” - I promised the entire course would be released within 2 weeks.  I created a public deadline that would keep me accountable.  It also created incentive for the buyers, knowing the course would be out soon.

The Hustle Phase

Monday evening through Friday was nuts, in a good way…  

I had taken it upon myself to have EVERYTHING done within the week and launch the complete program on Friday at noon.

I hunkered down and I got to work.  I decided that for my first launch I should take some of the money I made and hire key people to help me out.

I hired a designer to create my bonus PDFs and a videographer to make a video bumper intro for my program.  I felt that both would create a “professional” image that would help me sell my programs.  I paid a premium to both of them for 24 hour turn around.

I also hired someone to put my notes onto keynote slides, this one I could have done myself but I was just so stressed and pressed for time that I needed to save as much as possible!

As the videos were done I released them to the pre-sale peeps as a show of gratitude for trusting in my vision.

So where did Periscope come into the hustle phase you may be asking?

I primed my audience every step of the way via live streaming.  Every single day I was on Periscope working I was sharing the journey with them.

A few key moments I shared with my Periscope  audience:

  • Getting my video back from the videographer
  • Finishing the Sales Page for Periscope (using LeadPages)
  • Creating a retargeting Facebook Ad
  • Getting my PDFs back from the designer
  • Writing out emails for the program

Sharing the journey with my audience allowed me to do two VERY IMPORTANT things:

  1. It built a relationship between me and my viewers and allowed them to feel exclusive.  I mean this stuff wasn’t on Facebook - only Periscope!
  2. It allowed me to create major anticipation for the program.  Every “where can I buy the program” was met with my response of It’s not available yet, but sign up for my Periscope freebie to know when it goes LIVE - which built my list for email promo.

So periscope was a major part of my launch - but I mentioned that I used email as well.  That’s because I drove mad traffic to my Periscope Freebie during this week as well.

This allowed me to retain the interest of anyone that caught me live once - but might not be able to catch me live later.

So quick recap of the “hustle” phase of my periscope launch:

  1. Close down the presell and drive people to the freebies
  2. Give people a hind the scenes look at everything that I’m working on
  3. Build out the course I pre-sold and give access to my resale customers

Now we’ll fast forward to Friday morning.  And yes that is about 5 days after I announced the program and pre-sold it it was ready to launch.  Hustle Hard.

The Launch Phase


So just a few short days after releasing the program I woke up on LAUNCH DAY!

I decided to do 2 things. First, I would give first exclusive access to anyone that joined me live on Periscope.  

So I made the announcement that the program was available at 12:00p EST via Periscope.  

Email #1 announcing the program wouldn’t go out until 12:15p EST so the FIRST DIBS went to my Periscope people. I made it so that interacting with me live gave you more "access" and converting via live video is easier than via email.



I also reached out to 5 personal contacts and marketer friends (you could easily do more) and asked them PERSONALLY via phone if they would be willing to share the broadcast for my launch.  

NOTE: Don’t tell people it’s a just a normal broadcast you want them to share for "exposure", be honest that you’re looking to make sales with there help!

The layout for the broadcast was really simple.  You see people were already hungry.  I had built the anticipation, I had created the demand, now I just had to open the flood gates.

All I did was go live saying I had a big announcement.  Gave them a link to the sales page, told them how much it cost, and where to buy it.  Plus threw in a “fast acting discount”.

In 60 minutes I’d sold my first 10 spots all live from Periscope.  The big "pitch" to joining during my 4 days launch was that on Tuesday the price would go up - so they needed to get in NOW and save some $$$!


Email Schedule

Over the next 4 days (Saturday - Tuesday) - I did very minimal promotion.  I sent out an email on Saturday, Monday and Sunday.

Here's how the schedule looked:

Day 1 - Friday PM - Send a "cart open" email 15 minutes after the scope!

Day 2 - Saturday PM - Reminder the program is available with a testimonial from a previous student.

Day 4 - Monday PM - I added in a bonus section to the course to encourage people to buy.  I had seen this strategy used in another launch from a marketer I LOVE - so I tried it.  It worked VERY well.

(Final) Day 5 - Tuesday PM - Let people know the doors are closing, one last reminder the pricing is going up (made even more sales, so don't forget this one).

Snagging Free Money with a $50 Budget

Facebook Ad RYS

While I didn’t really run ad ads to a freebie or webinar to promote this launch - I did decide to run a Facebook ad that made me an extra $1000.  Total spent during the launch was less than fifty bucks

Sunday - Tuesday at midnight I ran retargeting ads on Facebook.


If you don’t know what retargeting basically I just ran ads to people who had visited my sales page but didn't pull the trigger.  I just ran a REALLY simple ad right back to the sales page reminding them to buy before the price went up.

The Final Push

In the last 30-45 minutes of the launch and price discount I decided to make the “price increase” an interactive affair! I popped on Periscope and let everyone know that they had a few more minutes to buy if they wanted to save.  

I ended up making multiple sales during that final window right from Periscope (people live told me they just bought since I popped up on their phone to remind them!)

I also (interestingly enough) stayed on to just “hang out” about 15 minutes after the price went up and people continued to buy.

You read that right - people wanted to buy this program even after they missed their chance to get a price break because of how much demand I created with Periscope.


When all was said and done I’d actually gained a few hundred new periscope followers, my email list had grown but a couple hundred, and I’d sold over $6,300 of my course.  

Even after the cost of created the course I had still profited over $5,000 - and it was one of the easiest "launches" of my life.

I would highly encourage you to check out Periscope if you haven't already - I'm @HeartSoulHustle on there - and if you want even more extensive training you can of course check out Rock Your Scopes.

Keep Hustlin,