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Passionate Bootstrapper

You gotta spend money to make money, right?

As you're starting your online business, you think - "I'll get a domain name and the rest is smooth sailing." You get your domain up and running aaaaaannnd the laundry list starts.  You realize to really blow this shiz up you need:

  • An Autoresponder Service
  • A Way to Capture Emails - Like LeadPages
  • A WordPress Theme to Make People Jealous
  • A Good Microphone to Record Audio
  • A Nice Webcam to Support Video
  • A Generous Benefactor to Fund Your Every Needs

It can feel really easy to think that you can't "afford" to break into online business, but I will tell you from first hand experience that it's more than possible - it happens every day!

If you want to succeed online you have to adapt a new personality. I like to refer to this new personality type as, The Passionate Bootstrapper. 

The Passionate Bootstrapper doesn't say, "I can't afford this".  Rather they say, "I will figure out a way to buy this, earn this, or otherwise make it happen!"

YOU are a Passionate Bootstrapper:

You don't have a trust fund with your name on it, but you're willing to spend a little bit of money to get things moving in your business.  It doesn't seem like you've got enough money to "coast" forever, but you have such a strong conviction in your dreams you keep going.

There is something that makes you unique.  You you may be afraid to fail - but you're more afraid you never reach your potential,.  You silence both of these fears  with hard work, focus, and hustle.

When your business needs something and you find a way to make it work. When you need to buy something you hustle to get the money, you leverage what you know, and you utilize your network.  The bottom line is: you make it happen!

If you're not already a Passionate Bootstrapper, you can BECOME one!

Are you ready to become the person who hears, "No you can't!" So you turn around and say "Watch me!" If you're ready to make it happen - here's the key qualities you need to "turn on":

  • When you see the cost of something that will improve your life or your business, and you can't afford it say, "I know I can make that money," or "What can I do right now to bring that money in?"
  • Create a clear vision of where you want to be in a a week, a month, and a year.  Use your time and money on things that get you there.
  • Learn the importance of asking for help.  Whether it's paying someone $20 to make your PDFs look nice, or asking a friend out to dinner to get much need rest and relaxation.  When you're working, work hard - but you have to learn that you can't do everything and know when to ask for help!
  • Be willing to sacrifice television, some sleep, and a few luxuries from time to time to achieve your dreams - but never so much so that you are unhappy with the pursuit of your dreams!

Money can buy a lot of things - but you can achieve anything you want in this world if you fuel your dreams with passion, throw in a strong vision of what you want, and make it happen bit of hustle!

Now get out there and make shit happen.

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