HSH 085: The Power Of The Tripwire

On today’s show I’m sharing all about tripwires: what they are, the main benefits of using them, some examples of how I incorporate them in my own business and a whole lot more. Curious about how you can start using them too? Get ready to learn all about tripwires today because they can be an absolute game changer for your business!  

A tripwire is simply a low-ticket offer designed to turn someone who is just a lead into a paying customer, and once someone is a customer, we’ll have an easier time selling him or her additional products.  

An example of a tripwire that we use is our freebie on Facebook ads, which leads to a $10 offer for our Power Editor Crash Course. We typically convert on 5-7% of these, but our goal is 10%.  

The main benefits of using a tripwire include exposing prospects to the value of our products, which conditions them to buy from us, as well as helping to reduce the overall cost of our Facebook advertising.  

Online businesses will want to put their tripwire right after the opt-in page. There are many ways to sell the tripwire, including text only, video or a hybrid of the two.  

“Splintering” is a strategy whereby you take a piece of the program you’re trying to sell, and offer a small part of it as the tripwire. By doing so you are specifically and intentionally creating the desire, need and want for your product. Remember, if you’re not liking the term “tripwire”, it can be referred to as many things, including “introductory offer”  

So get out there and test this! Setting up a tripwire is something that you can do in just a couple of hours, but the simple action will to pay off by giving you continuous results for your business!  



HSH Tripwire Example



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