HSH 084: The 24-Hour Quick Launch (Membership Launch Part 2)

HSH 084: The 24-Hour Quick Launch (Membership Launch Part 2) 

On today’s show, I’m sharing a case study of a recent 24-hour promotion I did that helped me add several dozen members to my membership site. So what do you say - would you like to learn more about what we do and how we do it?   

With some time before year end, I wanted to do something light, profitable (and most importantly, fun!) to drive more people into the membership site. I also knew that whatever I did would have to have the basic components of a full launch (a deadline, reason to buy, etc.).  

I decided to leverage the Christmas season for the sale. By anchoring the sale to the holidays, we would have a greater chance of increasing our conversions.  

The first part was an email leading people to a simple sales page created with a Leadpage template, which only took me about 45 minutes to make. In this email I wrote a Christmas-themed poem, which pitched the product and gave people a sneak peak of what it was all about. I also included a snapshot of the marketing playbook, giving prospects an overview of the type of content they be getting on a monthly basis. It was important for me to not just talk about the content, but to explain how it would be benefitting them.  

Next I used the poem from my email and put it on social media, re-writing it to make it Facebook and Instagram friendly. Many of my audience and founding members of the membership site encouraged others to join when I did this.  

Finally I sent a notice out on Facebook Messenger, asking a series of questions to qualify recipients for the offer. With about 1,600 people on the list at the time of sending, the sales page received 64 hyper-targeted clicks. 

Using an email, social media posts and the Facebook message resulted in 68 new members for the membership site in just 24 hours. 58 of the people who signed up paid monthly, which gives us recurring revenue of $1,392, and 10 paid for the entire year, which provided an instant cash influx of $3,792.00. Very little effort went into this promotion, which proves that not every single one has to be massive to be successful!  


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