HSH 079: How Launches Are Changing in 2018


When it comes to launching into 2018, some things in the marketplace are shifting and this can cause some unease. In this episode, I’m sharing why there’s no need to worry though and I’m giving you the 5 shifts you’ll need to start making in order to launch successfully in 2018 – and beyond! 

1. Pre-launch matters

As you scale your launches, you have to pre-launch to your audience. I like to think of a pre-launch as anything that happens before the launch that shapes the way my customer will view my offer when I present it to him or her. 

Pre-launch for us starts about three months before we open the cart to a product. It’s then that we get really intentional about what podcast topics we are going to cover leading up to the launch. I’d recommend getting a ton of leads over two months, but not expecting to do this in a shorter period of time since you’re going to have to warm up your audience with Facebook ads to drive leads and engagement. 

2. Quality of content

Today anything you want to learn about, you can find for free online. The information is already out there! People now want quality content from you before you ask for money. For this reason, why not write an incredible blog post that you could charge money for, but to give it to them for free?  When you validate your value with content instead of just good marketing, it can go far! 

3. Human content

Scaling doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to have 1-on-1 sales conversations. You’ll need to be interacting with your clients though, because not everything can be sold in a 1-to-many fashion. 

Human connection is missing in today’s marketing and people want to feel seen and heard. Do your customers feel this way?

4. Knowing your numbers is essential

The cost of Facebook ads may have increased, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you really need to know your numbers (lead cost, lead value, etc.) in order to determine if you are making any money off your ads. You don’t need a 3, 4 or 5x return though. If you’re putting a dollar into a marketing campaign and it’s returning more than a dollar to you, that’s a success. 

5. Transformation over education

You may be able to find out how to do anything today with a quick Internet search, but it doesn’t mean you actually did it. What is still a challenge for people is getting the transformation and results. People what to know the quantifiable results you’re going to get them, and to do this you’ll need testimonials as you scale, and to give them actions they can take along with a roadmap to success.  

Are you making the transformation you’re offering very tangible, available and accessible to your potential customers? 

Heading into 2018, launches will continue to be a success but only for those entrepreneurs who are ready to pivot and evolve with the ever-changing market! 







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