HSH 050: How To Deal With A Failed Launch Step-by-Step

On this episode, we’re talking about what you do when your launch goes wrong. We hear all the success stories about 6-figure launches and 5-figure challenges, but what about when you get a big fat zero? I think by the end of this show you’re going to feel better about making a few errors in your launch! 

We get so much content on how to succeed and how to grow, but getting the advice on what to do when things go wrong is just as important. 

My hopes with this episode is to bring some awareness that not every launch will be successful, not every target will be met, but how we deal with that and rebound from that is what truly defines the growth of our business.

The first thing to do is to check your numbers because business is a numbers game. Was this actually a failed launch? A lot of people don’t realize as a newer business you have to scale up bit-by-bit. Just because your first launch wasn’t $10,000 doesn’t mean you didn’t make a profit or you weren’t successful. 

Step One – Things to ask yourself to know if you had a failed launch:

1. Was it profitable?

2. What was your conversion rate?

3.  How did everything work logistically?

Step Two:

1. Ask your audience why they didn’t buy.

2. Ask your clients that did buy what they liked about your product. This is a way to identify what is important to your clients that you may not be highlighting.

Step Three: 

Diagnose and define the core problem that you said you were solving with your product. Did this problem show up in the surveys stemming from the previous step?

Step Four: 

This is the debriefing stage. Break your information down into a readable format, focusing on sales, profits, expenses, costs and leads. By doing this, you’ll be better equipped to see what did go wrong.

Step Five: 

Reframe, re-do, and re-launch!