HSH 049: How to Standout When the Marketplace is Noisy & Saturated

Whatever industry you’re in, it feels like the Internet is louder than ever these days. So how do you stand out in a saturated marketplace? In this episode, I talk about how you can make sales and generate business when it’s this noisy!

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon says that we tend to see more of what we are currently holding in our awareness.

Markets generally speaking are not as saturated as we think. Simply by being in our market, we already perceive it as more saturated.

But, we also have to realize that there is some degree of saturation happening. Here are 5 ways to stand-out in a saturated market:

1. Solve Real Problems

What a lot of people do in the online space is, they create based on what they know. If you simply package your knowledge and don’t base it on the problems of your audience, all that you are doing is creating more noise.

The first way that you can stand out in a saturated market is to not create cookie-cutter content, but instead to solve real problems.

2. Get REAL testimonials from your audience

Something that has become common in the online space is for people to offer services for free in exchange for testimonials. What I have found by doing this is that it is a super cookie-cutter testimonial.

You need to start getting testimonials that speak to your strengths; why do people want to work with you and what are the actual results that they’ve had? There’s a lot of fluffy testimonials out there and another fluff testimonial makes you part of the noise.

What you want to do is if you have testimonials from people that you trust, like or have worked with, go back to them and get stronger testimonials. What makes stronger testimonials is that they are clear, tangible, show what they created working with you and why they trust you.

3. Get super targeted

When you’re doing a launch, make sure that you are showing up in front of the people who signed up for that launch. What I mean by targeting your audience is to make everybody who engages with you feel like they are getting a 100% immersed experience with you.

I call this the “Everyone Factor.” Get really targeted with who you speak to and combine it with making sure that when you’re speaking to them you are everywhere.  An easy way to get noisy is to not be noisier than everybody, but be louder on the focused target.

4.Be Unique

Here’s the thing. Everybody does something different and then it almost becomes common. Here’s what doing something unique really means at it’s core: the next time you have an idea for something and you go “oh, but I don’t know if that will work,” you do it!

Doing something unique is not about being 100% original, it’s about connecting the dots in a way that no one before you has. If you want to be unique, take your ideas, write them down and when you find an idea that you don’t think you’ve seen done before and it scares you, do it.

5. Customer-service oriented

Once people make it into your business, make sure you make them feel like they are first class.  I can never measure that impact of a fan for life, but what I can tell you from personal experience is that when you give somebody a bad experience, they will tell everyone.

The point I’m essentially getting at is the “Wow” factor. If you stack an amazing customer experience in every way possible, you create people that want to talk about you. And someone who talks about you is a lot louder than you talking about yourselves in terms of noise in the marketplace.


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