HSH 048: Creating Epic Content Your Audience Will Love (in 5 Easy Steps)

Today we’re talking all about how to create irresistible content that your audience is hungry for! I’m talking about these 5,000 word blog posts that I’ve been creating to get amazing reception from my audience. If you’re ready to create EPIC content that creates EPIC growth, you’re going to want to tune in to this episode! 

The five steps in my writing process are: Research, Planning, Writing, Editing and Promotion. When combined properly, these steps will help you create amazing content that people are hungry for!

Here’s a bit more about each: 


Too many people skip this step. In order to create the type of resources and content you want to provide your customers, the research must come first.

Surveying is the number one was we find out what our customers want. There are three different ways to pull this information. One way is to make a simple post and simply ask your customers what they want to hear about. The second option is to send emails asking customers to reply. The third is an intensive survey by polling people with very in depth questions.


Define what you want to get to of your post, do you want to generate leads, traffic and shares and/or get some affiliate sales? Always determine what your goals are before you start writing. My advice is nothing else based your post around generating more leads.

When it comes to actually planning your writing I use an app called Scrivener, which allows you to organize your thought and ideas and create your content based on timelines, sections or phases. Essentially, this will allow you to create large-scale outlines.

Most marketers today will advise that long form content (1,000 words or more) is the way to go, especially if you are looking to generate leads.


I suggest writing in a Google Doc and here is why: it removes distraction. Print out your outline and work side-by-side, which helps make sure you are staying on track and allows you to work quicker. Another tip is don’t stop to add links or edit, which will allow to you focus and finish your draft.


Allow yourself a full 24 hours before going back to your draft to start the editing. This is where you can go back and add all your links and fix your typos, but if editing is not your strong suit then I suggest using a copy editor or having some else edit it for you.  The final edit is when you are putting it in o your blog platform and this is where you can read through one final time and make sure your voice is on target.


If your blog post is 5000 words or more, we generally add content upgrades at the beginning, end and also somewhere in the middle. By doing this, it gives people ample opportunity to opt-in. 

80% of your time on this blog post should be spent on promoting it. We use what is called Meet Edgar; this is a top that automates your post to be reposted on a regular basis. This is an important step because you audience is continually growing, so by reposting on a regular basis you can ensure everyone is getting the value form this one post. We also send out emails, create Facebook ads, post in Facebook, and Pinterest.

In conclusion - get out there and make great content! 


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