HSH 046: How to Profitably Scale Your Ad Spend From 0 to $5,000/month

Today we’re talking all about Facebook ads. Are they still working in 2017, what you need to know about them and how I would scale from zero to $5,000 a month if I was just starting out now with a limited budget. Are you looking to create more capital in your business with ads? You’ll want to hear listen to this episode! 

Do Facebook ads actually work?

Facebook ads have been increasing in cost. The cost is increasing because the demand for advertising space increases. By focusing on the profitability instead of the costs, it allows you to see what you earn off each lead instead of the cost of each lead.

How to spend more money on Facebook ads

Level One: Spending $0-$500/month on ads should get you on average 150 to 250 leads per month. At this level, your Facebook ads should be targeted to gain more capital.

Level Two: Spending $500-$1500 a month on Facebook ads could generate on average 250-600 leads per month. This is a really good time to find your core offer and constantly drive traffic to it.

When you are running your level one ad spend you should be able to determine a few ads that are converting well and be able to roll those over, then take the rest and put it into a primary promotion like a planned launch capital return.

Level Three: Spending $1500-$5000 a month on Facebook ads is what I consider the third level, and at this point I suggest at this point getting a Facebook manager. This level is for launching and scaling, and email funnels work very well at this level. 

Putting money like this into your bottom line is what really builds your business! 

Remember, ads are not designed to build your list, they are designed to build your revenue, and if you are stopping before you get to that step you are missing a key component of your business.


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