HSH 044: How to Successfully Launch From Disney World

On today’s episode, we’re talking about what it takes to have a successful affiliate launch from the most magical place on earth – Disney World! 

I decided to do an affiliate promotion with James Wedmore, while on vacation, that generated over $70,000 in sales of his program. 

The first thing, before the launch even started, was that I mapped everything out. This included the days we wanted everything to go out, deadlines to write emails and more). I hired a copywriter for a few hours of editing work on my emails, but everything was set before leaving for Orlando. 

Facebook ads were designed and scheduled well in advance and I worked with an ads person on this aspect of the launch. 

Personally,  I’ve worked with James Wedmore for about a year now and have already committed to doing so in 2017. This is one of the reasons why this affiliate launch worked so well; I wasn’t purely promoting something just for the commission, but I knew that it would benefit my audience as I have the personal experience of working with James. 

I sat down with James and his copywriter to learn what his videos were all about. By doing this, I specifically figured out how each video applied to my business and we opted not to use his swipe content, but rather I wrote all of the emails that I sent out for the affiliate launch. However, some were definitely inspired by James’ swipe copy! In my emails, I wrote stories and shared pictures of me in Disney World. This showed my audience how his program was so beneficial to me and why it would be really worthwhile for them too. 

I created affiliate bonuses to go with his program, but I made sure to do something different to stand out. The bonuses that I created were specifically around his program and I produced 2.5-3 hours of high-impact bonus content designed by someone who has worked with James and knows what it takes to get the results.

We encouraged people to pay in full, as when they do this they’re more likely to do the work and less likely to request a refund. 

I offered a one-day live event in May of next year for people who paid in full. During this event, they have the chance to hang out with me for a day in California. I sold 12 of these spots but can offer up to 20, which allows me to sell the additional spaces. 

Just Chillin' With Pluto While Launching From Disney World!

Just Chillin' With Pluto While Launching From Disney World!

This event will not only give me feedback on where I can improve and also video testimonials. It’s a business builder in so many different ways while still being immensely beneficial to my audience! 

During this launch, we emailed often but didn’t want to overwhelm people on my list. Most of the emails had a link where people could opt out of just this promotion, although less than 1% of them actually did this. We didn’t email every single day and I paid attention to when James was sending his emails. 

I spent about $10,800 on Facebook ads, and the total projected profit for the launch is about $27,000.  Before we started writing our ads, we talked to James about his EPL (Earnings Per Lead) in his last promotion. We knew the ads would be expensive this time around as it was right before Christmas and we just finished our own launch, but we wrote down the EPL and calculated an approximate conversion rate. By doing so, we were able to determine that we could spend up to 50% of that number on our leads. 


Ads tend to cost more with an affiliate promotion, and we spent about $8.50 per lead to generate roughly $38,000 in total projected commissions. It’s important to note that we treated our ads for this launch just like we would with our regular launches. 

While on vacation I did check in daily, for about 30-45 minutes with existing students and 15-30 minutes for launch stuff.  I did write an extra email while I was away as well. We set up an emergency link for my team to message me if issues came up, which happened only a few times. By creating the systems around me it didn’t require a lot of interaction from me, just the high-level strategy and this daily check-in. The lesson here is that if you don’t want to be hustling while on vacation, you can frontload the work in a way that backloads relaxation! 

Finally, energetically this launch just felt good and didn’t feel like a ton of work. It felt fun and light to share James’ program with my audience, which was important to make sure that I was operating from the right place to make it a success. 


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