HSH 026: Building an EPIC Community with Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton – Show Notes

Along with her husband Josh, Jill Stanton is the creator of “Screw The 9 To 5.” Together, they crush it teaching online marketing to others, and in this episode, Jill joins us to share how they massively grew their Facebook group (while getting people there engaged)! 

Jill says she was relentless when building her Facebook group. She pushed hard for people to join through emails, Facebook, Instagram, her podcast show as well every other platform that was available to her.

“I was so badly wanting a way to connect to our audience, and not just talking at them like you do in emails but having the chance to talk to them, and being able to have that dialogue and that connection with them.”

She shares that they use their Facebook group like a channel of market research, constantly asking people there what they want. 

Jill polls her group on topics they would like to learn about and then creates a sales funnel around that topic. This converts the Facebook members to a subscriber, then into a customer.

One mistake Jill made was she didn’t create urgency or a reason for the opt-in after the challenge she had created.

“You need to have a reason for people to act, and I didn’t give it to them.”

You have to pay attention to what your community wants and mould your systems or strategies around that, and she stresses that what she does might not necessarily work for entrepreneurs in other fields.

Jill advises other to always build their community first. You cannot create or build a product without doing the research of what the people want.

“That’s why it is so important to do some groundwork, do some research, and get involved before you start pouring resources into creating something that might not sell.”


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