HSH 025: Crushing Massive Launch Strategies with Jen Kem

Jennifer Kem – Show Notes (HSH 025: Crushing Massive Launch Strategies with Jen Kem)

Jen Kem has done amazing things in the entrepreneurial space. She has million dollar companies (and then some!) and recently completed a launch that generated $383,000 in just three days. She takes corporate culture and brings it into a small business setting, showing how you can use the strategies that massive corporations use to scale. 

Jen started out as an ambitious and successful young lady in the corporate world. She wanted to move back to Hawaii where she grew up, so she decided to start her own business. Her branding business grew leaps and bounds but an opportunity came her way to go outside of her niche. She started coaching and consulting behind the scenes of many celebrity brands and also developed tools and programs that helped other entrepreneurs.  

“When you’re supposed to do something, it will arrive. It’s your choice to either say yes or no.”

Jennifer uses a technique that involves processes from the corporate world along with her branding techniques to make launches a success.

“I am very much a long game player. I like to treat my business like how corporations manage their business, every 90 days.”

When it comes to promoting offers more than once, Jen has two different strategies. She plans around targets and also makes the content so good on the offer that people want to take it over and over again. This creates what she calls an “infinite loop.” 

“Infinite means people can keep coming back to the same program that is forever access. We’ve made a program that is easy to say yes to every quarter.”

Jen believes that most people are better content creators then they are marketers, and they need to become better marketers.

She says it is important for people to recognize if they are meant for entrepreneurship.

“You need the capacity for failure, looking at data as information. I think that it is really important to see what it really takes to be an entrepreneur because it is not lightweight.” 

“Repetition is the mother of mastery.”


Jennifer Kem

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