HSH 017: Filling Coaching Programs The Way YOU Want with Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon is a coach, catalyst and ignitor who helps high-achieving women have it all without sacrificing a thing. In this episode, she shares how she is filling her programs with a relatively small email list, as well as encouraging people to do a business audit and ask “is what I’m doing feel good?”

Ruby believes that many of us are striving to go after things that really truly don’t align with who we are as a person.

As a coach of rebuilding empowerment and self-love, Ruby wants to empower women to step up and take what they want from their lives. 

“I help people create the balance and really embody the ‘have it all mentality’ because I believe that everyone does have what it takes to have it all.”

Ruby mostly builds her client list through social media. She approaches clients by building a relationship and growing it. She believes in dealing directly with her clients and working with them hands on. Ruby engages with her clients personally and her posts and replies are not made by a social media assistant.

“You can’t just post stuff on social media and not engage; you should be doing the engagement.”

Ruby prefers going deep in the “underbelly” of peoples stuff which is why she enjoys coaching.

Ruby has a different approach than others when it comes to getting clients. She screens and qualifies her clients to see if they are a good fit for her and the programs she has to offer, instead of just taking anyone to work with.

“I want authentic people, I want people who aren’t afraid to be them and afraid to be vulnerable. That’s why my stuff works.”

Ruby recalls a time where a potential client reached out to her after one year of watching Ruby’s YouTube channel. The potential client decided that she would finally contact her for assistance. As she shares this, she is proving that personally engaging with people and building a relationship does work.

“I’d rather be a magnet; I’d rather have people come to me because they really truly want to work with me.”

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