HSH 008: Secrets of a Six-Figure Copywriter with Tepsii

Tepsii is a copywriter for soulful 6-figure entrepreneurs, and has achieved amazing success since starting her own business. Tepsii specializes in working with business coaches and people with courses, and in this episode, she shares valuable advice on creating killer landing pages, sales pages, about pages, and more! 

According to Tepsii, there are three core pieces and pages of copy for people that have a product to sell: landing page, sales page and “about” page. This is where you should focus your time and energy, and in copy, she reminds people that “3” is a magic number. 


1) Landing Page: This is where you talk a little about yourself and business, as well as the people that you’re looking to attract. This is where you offer visitors a “freebie” to sign up and give you their email address. After this happens, remind them you will be in touch when you launch. 

It’s important to start with a compelling headline on your landing page that tells people exactly what they’re going to get with you. Talk about your offer and give them three bullet points that are concise, easy and ready to go. 

Further down, you can talk briefly about your accomplishments, and three types of people that you work with. 

Give them enough to start the relationship, which will lead to you starting to make money. 

A few key points are to refer to visitors of the landing page as “you”, to give them ownership of the product you’re offering. 

“It’s about how people consume information and what makes them tick. That’s what copywriting is.” 


2) “About” Page: This page is the most popular page on your website, as people will be curious about you and how you can make them have a transformation. For this reason, you need to build the anticipation using this page. 

Tepsii says that people are use to writing academically, but in copywriting you want to write a statement and not give the answer. This leaves a “curiosity gap.” 

“The waiting builds anticipation, anticipation builds excitement and excitement leads to people wanting to scroll down your page.”


3) Sales Page: Tepsii shares that to make your copy really successful, you need to paint a scenario for the reader (their “dream life” versus “doom”). People will keep scrolling down to see what happens next. 

“Bring people with you, exactly where you’re going”

Reassure them that it’s not their fault, and then reintroduce yourself with a power intro which shows off your credibility and influence. She says that only then do you tell them how you can work with them. 

“You make them want it” 

She adds that testimonials should show a transformation and what it’s like to work with you, or the “after scenario.” 

“The goal of testimonials is to allow customers to do the selling on your behalf” 

Tepsii explains that people want dramatic and drastic change, and results are what you’re selling (not courses or modules). 

The sales page should talk about how the course is going to be run, along with any bonuses, while sprinkling in psychological triggers. One example of such trigger is focusing on what they’ll be missing out on and highlighting what you do that no one else in your industry does.

She reminds online entrepreneurs not to forget to mention the investment, how people pay and what happens after they buy, along with a list of FAQ. 

One thing that people can do right now to move their business forward is to research their ideal clients and what they are saying. This can be accomplished by using Amazon reviews, Reddit or Facebook groups by seeing how potential customers are describing their pain, or their wishes in life. 

To Tepsii, the word “hustle” means letting people know who you are and what you do. You can have the best copy ever, but if you don’t have visibility, you’re not going to make any money. 

“Get yourself out there so your copy has eyes on it” 




www.PassportToSixFigures.com (client’s page for sample of Tepsii’s copy)