HSH 005: From 0 to $1 Million Launches and What it Takes with Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna is a personal branding and online business strategist.  She helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out, captivate their audiences’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online.

As a leading authority on the use of Facebook ads and webinar-based training as both list and brand building tools, she took her business from zero to over $880k in sales and cultivated an email list of over 14,000 subscribers from 50 countries around the world during her first year in business.

In this episode, Kimra shares why you can give away too much information, and she gives tips on how to do your very first launch. As well, she discusses the million-dollar launch she has planned coming up soon! 

Years ago, Kim started doing a health and wellness blog. This gained her a large amount of followers online, and it was during this time that she discovered she had a passion for training and teaching others. She eventually scrapped this blog to focus on her own personal brand. 

She now helps others primarily on brand authority, as she feels a lot of people have trouble with this the most. 

When she started promoting herself, she realized that webinars and Facebook ads would be essential to growing a solid business. She wasn’t afraid to spend money on these tools, as she knew it was the best way to get in front of people. 

“You can’t help people unless you’re actually getting in front of them” 

Kimra's Successful Launches

Kimra was in business for only three months when she did her first launch. Before this, she had been doing webinars and growing her Facebook list. When her one-on-one clients were asking a lot of the same questions, she decided to put together the content into her first flagship program, which generated $62,000 in sales. Kimra pre-sold the program, as it wasn’t complete when she began offering it.

“I had realized there was a real need for a little bit more of the technical side of online business training. I think I was just filling that need, and that made it pretty easy.” 

Two months later, she opened the doors for a Black Friday sale, which resulted in another $40,000 in sales for the content that she had already created. 

Kimra credits here years of prior mindset work, and understanding what marketing is, for her success. She says that understanding “raving fans” and how to create them was key in the development of her business. 

For her second launch in early 2015, Kimra just had one virtual assistant and her husband helping out. She was also pregnant, which made such a large launch very stressful. The work paid off as $750,000 in sales were achieved.  

With her list growing so much over the past year, combined with the lessons she has learned, Kimra feels a $1 million launch will happen. These lessons will allow her to improve the program as well. 

Kimra’s strategy is to offer “tons of massive” value on all of her webinars, before making a sales pitch. 

“I just think the reason why people buy is because I just give so much value” 

She recommends online entrepreneurs do live, not automated, webinars. This way, you can get a feel for your audience and you can see if they truly understand the concepts and are able to apply them. 

She says that you can actually give too much information away though, which can be confusing to people. You need to give them things they can take action on, in “bite-sized pieces.” 

Kimra’s Tips For Your First Launch: 

1) Do it live, as live webinars convert really well.

2) Pre-selling your course before the content is actually created is the quickest way to launch and can help you avoid making a product that nobody will buy. 

3) After one or two webinar presentations, pitch your offer and see how it goes.

4) Once you have the resources to do so, get help. The longer you stay a solopreneur, you’re limiting the number of people you can serve and help have a better life. Kimra now has 8 people on her team, including a project manager, full-time copywriter and design team.  Hiring people to help has allowed her to be more creative in her work.

5) Don’t stress about sales. Kimra shares that it’s perfectly ok to make a few sales in your first launch.

6) Give your people what they want. For Kimra, it’s live webinars as opposed to video content. 


Kimra’s flagship program, “Be True, Brand You”, is about understanding who you are as a person (see “INTERVIEW LINKS”). In the program, she teaches others how to reach people and build brand authority by growing email lists, Facebook groups, doing Facebook ads and social media webinars. She also focuses on launch strategies, teaching multiple methods as she believes everyone’s audience will be different. 

“We’re now in a place where people just want an authentic, real person to help them” 

One thing people can do in the next week to create real results in their business is to reach out to five different people and ask them what they are struggling with their business (in regards to the services or products they want to offer). 

To Kimra, the word “hustle” is just another meaning for “keep going.”  

“I think a lot of people stop very easily” 



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