3 Rules: Be Unbeatable. Be Unbreakable. Be Unstoppable


Be Unbeatable

This post isn't really about Facebook Ads or Periscope - but I still think it's important to talk about.

I did a 'Scope on this topic and my viewers seemed to really resonate with it, sending me Facebook messages, emails, and tweets - so I wanted to expand my thoughts in writing and share with my readers too.

Sometimes Business Blows...

People seem to be drawn to the awesome stuff that we achieve in our business. The crazy launches, the 5-figure months, the amazing connections we make.  But they didn't see:

  • The breakdown in a Starbucks Bathroom (that's a story for another day)
  • Students who have stolen your content and ideas
  • Moments of such uncertainty - quitting feels easy and logical

Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur.

There are days where you feel unbeatable, unbreakable, and unstoppable.  Then there are days where I think I'd rather just nap on my couch for about 12 hours.  #RealTalk

Over the past several months as Heart, Soul & Hustle has exploded I've learned a bit about how to have more days where I can't be stopped and I feel invincible - and that's what I want to talk about today.

These are my 3 Rules to Be Unbeatable. Be Unbreakable. Be Unstoppable.

Rule #1: The 24 Hour Pity Party

I used to get really upset about things...for days.

Then I stopped.

Now when someone is rude, mean, or straight up makes me wanna scream - I give myself a MAX of 24 hours to be upset.  I throw myself a little pity party, I experience my feelings, then I move on.

Let's get one thing straight - you can't be unbeatable, unbreakable, unstoppable when someone else is inside your head.  And since they aren't paying rent they don't get to stay.

The less time you spend at the pity party - the more time you spend being awesome.

Awesome is good.

Rule #2: The Blinders

I frequently get emails, message, or text's saying something like:

"Did you see so-and-so launched a Periscope Course?!?!  Are you worried?  What if they are copying you?"

No, I'm not worried.  Here's why.

I didn't know that this person launched a course because I'm to dang busy doing my work to be concerned about what someone else is doing!

If they are copying me - it doesn't matter because by keeping my blinders on (i.e. focusing on just my work and not theirs) I can always stay one step ahead because the time they spend copying, I'm spending innovating.

If they aren't copying me - I don't see them as competition, there is plenty of space online for people.

Treat this like a test in high school and keep your eyes on your own paper!

Rule #3: Celebrate Your Epicness

Every single day (well, almost everyday - I'm human too haha) I take a moment to write the following in a journal:

  • My victories for the day
  • Things I'm grateful for
  • Something I'll do to be better tomorrow

Take a moment every day to reflect on the amazing stuff you're doing.  So often we forgot to celebrate the things we've accomplished.

Most people will never publish a blog post, run a webinar, or even run a Facebook Ad.  Whether is a major success or a major flop - you've more than most people ever will.  Celebrate that.

Every Morning...

...you wake up unbeatable, unbreakable, unstoppable.  What happens during the day may drag you down.

The day may end on a sour note.

Someone might burn you.

Everything could fall apart.

But guess what - you wake up each day unbeatable, unbreakable, unstoppable.

No matter what happens today - you can try again tomorrow.


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