Your Checklist is on it's way...

BUT I wanted to share a
limited time offer WITH YOU...

If you decide to take me up on this offer it'll cost you $1.

You read that right - you're just $1 away from creating massive growth to your email list

Sound good?

Here's the Details...

In exchange for your $1...

I'm going to give you access to something special that will help you build your email list AND generate more customers.

It's access to my "marketing playbooks" - a collection of marketing systems and shortcuts designed to help you grow your business with just a few hours a month.

And I'm going to give you access to them...


for just $1.

I'll get to exactly WHY I'm doing this, but let me ask you a question...

Are you building your email list & business with intention?

...or are you just hoping and praying that the right people find you?

Do you have a clear path and strategy to growing your business?

If you're just "trying everything" with no clear direction - don't feel bad.

Most online business owners (myself included) started out that way.

And for a while it works.

When you're just getting started - just taking action will get that job done.  But overtime "spray and pray" marketing just won't cut it if you want to scale big.

(You know, spray your message everywhere and PRAY that someone buys...)


I took a look at what's been working for me over the last several years I've been in business and looked at how we've generated over a million dollars in sales and I asked a question:

How can I boil this down to EASY to implement strategies...

What I ended up with were short, actionable, and digestable "playbooks" on how to generate more leads and sales in your business.

For Example...

  • We looked at how we built our email list and created a How to Generate Your First 100 Email Leads Playbook that shows how to build a small but might email list in just a cuople weeks time
  • We looked at how I've scaled my email list into the 5-figures and created the Facebook Ads for Lead Generation Playbook (and it shows how to set up your first ad in just a couple hours).
  • We looked at how we turn leads into customers and created The 5-Email Sales Funnel Playbook with an EXACT template of how to turn new leads into new customers (and that's within the first week they become subscribers!)

...and that's just a few of the playbooks that we've created.

We've created systems and strategies and packaged them up into playbooks that can be implemented with just a few hours of work each month. 

Because we realized something...

Most people aren't struggling to LEARN how to market their business, they are struggling to take ACTION on marketing their business.

So we knew if we created this checklists and trainings (or "playbooks" as we've named them) and make them short and actionable we could move our students from "learners" into "action takers".

Because let's face it education without action is useless...

The Result of our efforts...

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.39.48 PM.png

We've created a suite of "implementation plays" that can be used by...

  • Coaches
  • Course Creators
  • Consultants
  • Agency Owners
  • Info Product Creators
  • Bloggers

To generate more leads and sales in their business EACH AND EVERY MONTH!

These are the EXACT strategies that I'm using to build my business month after month - these are not just theories! They are tested and proven strategies.

Strategies that are unique designed to build the two things that MATTER MOST in your business.

  • Your Email List
  • Your Sales

Now Here's Where It Get's CRAZY...

Over at Heart, Soul & Hustle HQ we decided to do something BOLD, you might even say... we're a little crazy for.

We took all of our plays on everything from funnels, to Facebook ads, to listbuilding...

...ALL OF IT...

...and we packaged them up in nice PDFs with video explanations and we made them available to other online business owners, soloprenuers, and marketers.

We called it "The Monthly Marketing Playbook" (Or The MMP for short).

Because that's EXACTLY what we've created.

Our MMP Members get a new playbook each month that helps them take big action in their business that will help them scale their online business..

And each month we do something nuts... we systematize something NEW for our members and send it to them, so month-after-month they are TAKING ACTION to build their online business.

We've already got several playbooks waiting inside the MMP including...

  • The Facebook Messenger Bot List Builder which teaches you how to build a messenger bot list with a small ad budget 
  • The Epic Blog Content Planner that shows you how to write and plan amazing long form blog content (like what you just read before you got here) that's designed to generate more leads and sales in your business
  • The Simple Tripwire Playbook which teaches you how to create pages JUST LIKE THIS that turn brand new leads into brand new customers the MINUTE they opt-in to your content

...and that's just to name a few, plus we release new content each and every month.

These playbooks are PERFECT if you're looking to scale a business, or if you're just starting out because...

...AGAIN they are focused on specific actions you can take.

You've taken the courses, you've read the books, now you need something that can move you into action.

These playbooks are without a doubt the PERFECT way to move your business building "to-do list" into a buisiness built "to-done-list" .

And by joining today you can have immediate access to these playbooks (and the new playbooks we release on a monthly basis) for just $1.

Yup, just $1.

But that's not everything...


As an MMP member you'll get to join us for a monthly implementation challenge.

Like I've already said - this is a program about TAKING ACTION not just learning a bunch of marketing strategies that never get put to use in your business.

We'll work TOGETHER as a group for a week to IMPLEMENT something in your business.

One month could be setting up your first sales funnel (we did this with dozens of members in July) and another month could be running your first Facebook Ad.

What would if feel like to be supported in taking ACTION in your business, not just learning another strategy?

Not only will you be taking action in your business but you'll have the support of myself and...


As a MMP member you're also getting access to our private membership community.

This group is all about...

  • Sharing what's working now
  • Getting support with implementing your playbooks
  • Connecting with like-minded business owners who are taking ACTION in their business

When you show up in this group you'll get the SUPPORT and CONNECTION that you need when it comes to building an online business.

It's a community where we show up for each other.

WARNING: As you expect the community to show up for you, we'll expect you to show up for them.

This isn't a group for "takers".

And then there's...


This is your chance to ask for help with literally ANYTHING in your business!

I'll personally hope on a live video stream and answer all the quesitons that the members of our group have - including you..

  • You can ask for feedback on a strategy that isn't working in your business.
  • You can ask for personal review of your landing pages and freebies
  • You can ask for consultation on what you should focus on next

It's a place to get the support YOU NEED.

And we stick around until every question is answered.

So you get EVERYTHING you need to succeed...

  • The Monthly Playbook Library waiting for you so that you can isntaltly start implementing "plays" to get more leads and sales into your business TODAY...
  • New Monthly Playbooks dropped each month so that you always have an action that you can take to grow your business month after month
  • 24/7 Access to The Member Community so you can get the help and support you need anytime
  • Monthly "Office Hour" Calls so you never have a question that doesn't get answered.



You read that right...

Your investment today to get ALL THIS is just $1.

This may not surprise you but I do have a sneaky reason for giving you this offer...

As you might have figured out... I don't get rich giving away my best stuff for a buck.

My hope is that you LOVE the membership so much that you decide to stay beyond 30 days.

If you do, AWESOME.

If not, that's alright too.

Just cancel if your first 30 days and we'll never charge you again!


But if you do LOVE the playbooks, connection, and action-taking environment you'll automatically be renewed at our member rate of just $47 a month.

A minial fee...

Especially when you consder the fact that if you take ACTION on these playbooks each month - you'll be building your business for less than $2 a day with CONSISTENCY.

And isn't that what you want?

In fact let me make you a deal...

If you're not able to add enough people to your list, or sell enough products to cover yoru cost within the first month - then I'll ask that you leave!

That's how confident I am that this stuff works...

So if you're in, just click the "add to cart" button below



See you inside!
-Zach Spuckler
Founder, The Monthly Marketing Playbook Member

P.S. It should go without saying, but this offer won't be around forever, so join NOW while this page is still up and working.